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1998.09.21 17:50 "latest beta?", by Michael S. Harrison
1998.09.21 17:55 "Re: latest beta?", by Sam Leffler

1998.09.21 17:50 "latest beta?", by Michael S. Harrison

What is the latest beta version of the tiff library? The latest version available on the sgi ftp site is 3.4 Beta 36 but I have somehow aquired a 3.4 Beta 37 (and I don't remember where it came from).

I've run into a problem with an (quite) old version of the library where it reads in a paletized image and incorrectly believes that it contains a 16bit palette. I'm considering updating our tiff code to the latest version of the tiff library but it isn't clear to me what the latest version is.

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