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1999.05.03 17:17 "technical note 2", by David Fahey
1999.05.04 20:10 "Re: technical note 2", by Tom Lane
1999.05.04 20:13 "Re: technical note 2", by Sam Leffler

1999.05.04 20:10 "Re: technical note 2", by Tom Lane

OK, who moved it and where did it go? I followed the link from Niles Ritter's TIFF page, which I have bookmarked, to TIFF Technical Note 2 (JPEG in TIFF), and it's gone. Anybody have the new address?

The whole TIFF archive is gone, not just that file. There is still a mirror at, and you can also find TTN2 in particular at

I don't know what Sam's plans are for re-establishing a master archive location, but I assume he intends to put one up at his new digs.

BTW, the TIFF list is not hosted at anymore either.

                        regards, tom lane
                        organizer, Independent JPEG Group

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