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1999.08.23 19:15 "TIFFReadRGBAImage", by Oguzhan Erkan

Hi all,

I have a problem. I have TIFF-F G3 Fax formatted files and can read and view them with TIFFReadScanLine but when I try TIFFReadRGBAImage I can't read a meaningfull data. It reads 4 bytes per sample I think and all buffer is full with "FFFFFFFF"...

I tried ImageBegin, ImageGet, ImageEnd versions too but nothing chanced...

I want to use ReadRGBA because of reading performance. When I draw image at every OnDraw function of CScrollView, I read data again from the TIFF file.

( Yes I know, It's better to use a memory CDC system, but I couldn't develop it, I don't have enough examples. )

So I must increase the reading performance. Can you help me with ReadRGBA or memory CDC system on CSrollView?