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1997.01.24 13:29 "Shared libtiff on HP/UX 9.01 with c89", by Ulrik Dickow

In tiff-v3.4beta035/html/bugs.html Sam Leffler says:

> The only thing that I ask in return is that you tell me when you find a
> problem or fix a bug

OK, so here's my contribution. To build libtiff (v3.4beta035) as a shared library on HP/UX 9.01 with the c89 compiler, add a single line to `configure' as indicated by this patch:

--- tiff-v3.4beta035/configure.shipped  Tue Jun 11 00:24:56 1996
+++ tiff-v3.4beta035/configure  Thu Jan 23 17:05:42 1997
@@ -1115,6 +1115,7 @@
 #      LIBPORT="-Wl,+b${DIR_LIB}"
+       TIFFLIBREF="-Wl,+s,+b${DIR_LIB} -L\${DEPTH}/libtiff -ltiff"

Otherwise the tiff tools won't be able to find when the build directory has been deleted (and installed in e.g. /usr/local/lib). Note that linking with `-L... -ltiff' instead of `.../' is needed. The `+s' is optional; it makes the tools search SHLIB_PATH before looking in the `+b' directory.

(The `+b' option in libtiff/ doesn't help the tools find libtiff.)

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