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1996.11.16 16:14 "Re: tiff library", by Saar Kein


thank you for the advice, I've downloded the LibTiffW and tried to compile it.

at first the Developer Studio converts the .mak if and informes me of include files missing most file starts with unix*.h and (if you remember i'm not working on a unix based machine). when i try to compile the compiler gives me:

  1. error C4226: nonstandard extension used : 'huge' is an obsolete keyword.
  2. many warnings mainly about conversions.
  3. fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'g3states.h': No such file or directory.

i will be most greatful if you could send me the win32 library including all the source code and makefile.

thank you in advance for all the help.