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1997.03.18 16:19 "TIFFTAG_INKNAMES", by Stephane Klein


I am currently trying to create a channel interleaved tiff file containing the regulars c,m,y,k channels and a list of Pantone channels.

In order to get the channel names back I tried to use the InkSet, NumberOfInks and InkNames tags.

Unfortunately the InkName tag does not seems to work like descibed in the TIFF 6.0 doc.

In the TIFF documentation the tag InkName is described as an ASCII tag containing a list of NULL terminated ASCII strings. The number of strings must be equal to the NumberOfInkTag.

The problem is that as a standard ASCII tag the data length is calculated with "strlen" and my InkName tag only contain the first channel name.

Does anybody know how to use the InkName tag?

Am I using this tag correctly?

Thanks in advance.


Stephane KLEIN.


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