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1998.02.13 18:19 "Text to tiff?", by Randy Myers
1998.02.13 21:44 "Re: Text to tiff?", by Alberto Accomazzi
1998.02.14 01:12 "Re: Text to tiff?", by Gary M Hewitt

1998.02.13 18:19 "Text to tiff?", by Randy Myers

Greetings, all.

I wish to annotate an existing bitonal TIFF with text, under Unix.

I'm prepared to merge TIFFs made from text with existing images, but I'd certainly welcome any knowledge of a tool that is intended for annotation.

Are there alternatives to netpbm tools for rendering text as a TIFF graphic? I need multi-line, multi-font capabilities and some scalability or a reasonable selection of sizes; and it would be nice if I could just state the resolution I want in the target image. Proportional and exotic fonts are not required.

Thanks for any advice.

Randy Myers
Data General Corporation
Healthcare Imaging Applications Development