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1999.04.24 15:23 "TIFF-F", by Hudson Barton
1999.05.02 18:08 "Re: TIFF-F", by Helge Blischke

1999.05.02 18:08 "Re: TIFF-F", by Helge Blischke

I'm a new subscriber, so sorry if this question goes over old material.

Most email-to-fax systems use the TIFF-F format (a multipage TIFF), yet most of the major graphics programs (eg Photoshop and Quicktime) don't support it. On the Mac Platform, for example, only the shareware program "Graphic Converter" supports it. Why? It seems that TIFF-F is in fairly wide use and there should be better/more support.

Also, I'm looking for some C sourcecode for reading/writing/editing graphics files in the TIFF-F format. Can anyone point me someplace?

You'll find the TIFF-F specification at