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1997.04.30 17:43 "TIFFs with JPEG compression ...", by Skiljan Irfan
1997.04.30 14:14 "Re: TIFFs with JPEG compression ...", by Niles Ritter
1997.05.01 04:19 "Re: TIFFs with JPEG compression ...", by Tom Lane

1997.05.01 04:19 "Re: TIFFs with JPEG compression ...", by Tom Lane

Both works fine, but if I try to read a TIFF image with JPEG compression I get always a error message like "Quantization table 0x0 not found" etc.

there may be some old bogus TIFF 6.0 stuff floating around

That was my first thought too, but you should get something on the order of "unsupported compression type" if you try to read a TIFF 6.0 JPEG (Compression tag 6) with the current libtiff.

Missing quantization tables suggest that the file was written with the intention of putting the JPEG tables into a JPEGTables tag, but the tag is either missing or broken.

Niles asked the right question: where did these files come from?

BTW, the current version of libtiff doesn't support writing a TIFF/JPEG with an application-supplied JPEGTables field. You can ask the lib to generate a suitable JPEGTables field by setting the JPEGTABLESMODE pseudo-tag, but you can't just provide the field contents and expect the library to parse 'em. (This could be done, but I was lazy...) If you were trying to do that, you might have managed to produce a broken TIFF that would trigger this error on reading.

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