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1999.03.30 20:30 "G4 TIFF with private tags", by Jobe Bittman
1999.03.30 20:32 "Re: G4 TIFF with private tags", by Helge Blischke

1999.03.30 20:32 "Re: G4 TIFF with private tags", by Helge Blischke

I am new to list. I am using Kofax Ascent Capture to scan a massive amounts of documents to multi-page G4 tiff format. Unfortunately, the TIFF uses some private tags. I need to get these tiffs into Postscript or standard G3 tiffs. I have tried Image Magick and the libtiff tools with no success. I can view it with WANGIMAGE in Win95. I can get individual pages out of the multipage tiff, but I need all pages. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I cannot do it, I will write a script to pull out each page indivually. But I am not sure how to determine how many pages are in a doc. Can anyone tell me how to determine how many pages are in a G4 tiff? I have included the tiffinfo below if it helps. This particular image has 17 pages. Also, I am using libtiff 3.3-4.

Your TIFF generating software should provide the tag PageNumber (0x129) which is an array of 2 SHORT numbers, the 1st of which is the page number of the current page (image), and the 2nd of which is the total number of pages in the document. Try diffdump to see if this tag is present. As for the private tags, you could contact Adobe to inquire if those private tags have been registered and what they mean.

If you have ghostscript, you could get the "tiffimage" procset from me (send me an e-mail), it is free under the Gnu Public License. This procset allowes you to process nearly any (except JPEG stuff) TIFF image using a PostScript interpreter (ghostscript, or Acrobat distiller), and you have full control over the tags. With a few additional lines of PostScript code, this procset can handle multipage TIFFS. With ghostscript, you can easily output the processed images to any other format ghostscript supports (e.g. G4 or G3 TIFF).