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1997.02.12 17:52 "Re: TIFF Strips.", by Niles Ritter
1997.02.13 09:27 "Re: TIFF Strips.", by Iñigo López

1997.02.12 17:52 "Re: TIFF Strips.", by Niles Ritter

Don Vogel <> writes,

> I have a Tiff file created by
> the Wang "Imaging for Windows".

Uh, oh...

> For some reason though, I am just
> getting the first part of the image.
> (looks like the first strip)

I seem to recall that some time back Tom Lane sent out a note of alarm about the bogus JPEG implementation in the Wang package; most of the code is very old and so it could very well be that it mangles the G4 compressed stream as well. I had an hour long conference call with some technical folks at Wang to try to convince them that Tom's TechNote #2 JPEG was stable enough that they could change their code (though I doubt that they have).

The Fax files deserve close scrutiny. Can you run "tiffcp" on them? what sort of error message do you get. Since Microsoft is now pushing the Wang package as a freeware imaging solution these kind of files may become ubiquitous, alas.