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1999.03.11 13:40 "problems with libtiff", by Chris Friesen
1999.03.11 13:46 "Re: problems with libtiff", by John McClurkin

1999.03.11 13:46 "Re: problems with libtiff", by John McClurkin


I have successfully compiled libtiff for Windows NT V4.0 SP3 using Microsoft MSDEV version 5.0 and used it to compile a couple of simple tiff programs. What I did was:

1 Copy tiff-v3.4/contrib/winnt/fax3sm.c and tiff-v3.4/contrib/winnt/version.h to tiff-v3.4/libtiff.

2 create a new Win32 Static Library project.

3 add the source files in tiff-v3.4/libtiff to the project using tiff-v3.4/contrib/winnt/libtiff.mak as a guide. tiff-v3.4/libtiff contains several files specific to the various Microsoft operating systems. These are tiff_msdos.c, tiff_win3.c, and tiff_win32.c. Include only one of these files in your project. I used tiff_win32.c. Also, make sure not to use the other operating system specific files such tiff_acorn.c, tiff_apple.c, tiff_atari.c, and tiff_unix.c. I also included tif_dir.h, tiff.h, tiffio.h, and tiffiop.h in the project.

4 build the project.

I haven't tested the library extensively, but I did succeed in compiling showtiff.c which is part of Mark Kilgard's glut-3.7 distribution. If you want, I'd be happy to zip up my libtiff project and email it to you so you can see what I did.

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