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1999.03.26 14:17 "TIFF/EP support", by Ken Murchison


I have been working on adding TIFF/EP ("Tag Image File Format / Electronic Photography") support to libtiff v3.4beta037 in hopes that it will eventually make its way into the library proper. Because I do not know if Sam is still maintaining the library, I am sending my current patch to the list.

This patch should be applied to the toplevel libtiff directory and will read/store/print all of the new tags listed in the spec. I have setup the TIFF/EP support to be a compile-time option which is DISABLED by default. To enable TIFF/EP support #define TIFFEP_SUPPORT in tiffconf.h.

Note that some of the more complex tags are only listed as "present" when printed, mainly because I currently do not need to access these tags and do not care to read the other specs on which they depend. Also note that there is currently no way to read the GPSInfo IFD because of a lack of private directory read/writing code in the library. I have looked at the contrib code, but would prefer to have some code integrated in the library.

This code has only been tested with files from Kodak DCS315/520/560/620 cameras. If anyone has access to TIFF/EP images from other devices, I would be interested in testing on them. As always, any suggestions/bug fixes/improvements/contributions are welcome.


P.S. The TIFF/EP spec can be found at:

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