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2005.03.30 19:58 "[Tiff] Re: confirm 53f0be9945b2de3a174b5f316a15fdf6656e5566", by Diane G Jacques

I was wondering if anyone subscribed to this list ever heard of GeoTIFF? This is an extension to TIFF that allows a TIFF image to be georeferenced and geocoded. Even though I could find some information about it. It is hard to get something recent but also hard to find World GeoTIFF

images of terrain ONLY and not MAPS, (roads/highways) more like a relief map with attention to elevations and not city streets.

I am particularly interested in finding freely available Wor;d GeoTIFF images that have encoded geospecific information in the header of the file. I can then import the image using MultiGen

Creator Pro by into the Creator texture pallette to create a

texture that would be more "realistic" then the contour colors that Creator now produces. Creator

will read the header and apply the appropriate information into an .attr for the geotiff.

I am looking for a 'WOW' effect for my 3D terrains. These 3D terrains are created by

converted DTED1( a uniform matrix of terrain elevation values with post spacing every 3 arc

seconds, approx 100 meters. The information content is approximately equivalent to the

contour information represented on a 250,000 scale map) using readdma, then reading the converted file into

Creator which then builds OpenFlight files. The files are external and read in by one

master file, therefore, the texture needs to be created while building the ded database.

I found that there is a lot of information out there but I haven't been able to narrow my search

to specific world GeoTIFF images of terrain elevation ONLY.

Any leads will be appreciated.

Diane Jacques
Raytheon Company
Tewksbury, MA

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