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2004.05.14 18:13 "Re: [Tiff] Reading Custom Tags", by Antonio Scuri
2004.05.14 17:29 "Re: [Tiff] Reading Custom Tags", by Bill Cassanova
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2004.05.14 18:18 "Re: [Tiff] Reading Custom Tags", by Bill Cassanova

2004.05.14 17:29 "Re: [Tiff] Reading Custom Tags", by Bill Cassanova

Hi Antonio,

You answered this question for me a back in January so I thought I might try to continue the


On a 32bit linux machine your suggestion worked perfectly and I am able to read the custom

tags. For whatever reason I built and installed on our new AMD 64 machine

and the exact same code if failing when attempting to read the same exact custom tags.

Do you have any ideas? I really don't want to go through the headache of customizing the

distribution to get it to work for our custom tags mainly because each time we upgrade the application

or move the application to another architecture I may be doing the same thing again.

Thanks for any ideas that you have,

                      Antonio Scuri

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At 16:40 20/1/2004, David Christopher Asher wrote:


>I am having sime trouble reading custom tags from a TIFF file. The tags are >two GeoTIFF tags, (33550 and 33922), which hold 3 doubles and 6 doubles >respectively. I have found very little documentation on custom tags online, >apart from the 3.6.0 spec notes page, which would seem to indicate you read >them more or less like standard tags like TIFFTAG_IMAGEWIDTH.

>So, I use something like:

>     ...
>     double x,y,z;
>     TIFFGetField(tiff,33550,&x,&y,&z);
>     ...

>I am using version 3.6.0 of the library. Any help is appreciated!

   You should upgrade to version 3.6.1 and change your code to:

     double *dbl_array;
     unsigned short count;
     TIFFGetField(tiff,33550,&count, &dbl_array);

Antonio Scuri

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