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1997.06.09 07:07 "TIFF-JPEG", by Sugio Maxima
1997.06.09 15:05 "Re: TIFF-JPEG", by Tom Lane

1997.06.09 15:05 "Re: TIFF-JPEG", by Tom Lane

>> The JPEG-related tag is specified in TIFF Technical
>> Note #2 which defines a revised JPEG-in-TIFF scheme
>> (revised over that appendix that was part of the
>> TIFF 6.0 specification).

  1. Do most aplications support this format ?

Support for TIFF/JPEG (either old or new flavor) is pretty rare as far as I know.

  1. Is there any sample file which is specified with TIFF Technical Note #2 ?


We really oughta update libtiff's sample file set (v3.0pics.tar.Z) to include some new-style TIFF/JPEGs in place of the old-style ones it has.

                        regards, tom lane
                        organizer, Independent JPEG Group