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1996.11.07 14:24 "Unresolved __eprintf", by Keith Arbuckle
1996.11.07 17:24 "Re: Unresolved __eprintf", by Gary Burgess
1996.11.07 18:40 "Re: Unresolved __eprintf", by James Crawford Ralston
1996.11.07 23:05 "Re: Unresolved __eprintf", by Adam P. Jenkins

1996.11.07 18:40 "Re: Unresolved __eprintf", by James Crawford Ralston

I tried to link in the [static] tiff library with ImageMagick which produced the error message "Unresolved: __eprintf".

After using the "ld -y" command to determine where the unresolved was being used. I discovered it was being called from several places in the tiff library, with tif_read.c being one of those files.

The __eprintf function comes from libgcc.a. If you let gcc call ld on your behalf, it should do the right thing.

I'm not sure how unresolved references to it popped up in your libtiff.a, though; gcc should produce static libraries which have no specific dependencies on gcc. Perhaps someone who is more intimately familiar with Irix can comment.

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