TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2000.06.30 15:37 "Repairing bad TIFF images", by Johnson, Anthony L.

Hello folks,

I'm the records manager for a public school system in VA.

I have several TIFF images that won't display, but return one of the following error messages when attempted:

  1. Bad driver file or read error when loading.
  2. Source corrupted or file type or version unsupported.
  3. General I/0 error.
  4. Can't read image.
  5. Not enough memory.
  6. Image file is bad, error in format.
  7. Source file doesn't match type. Different flavor.
  8. Invalid byte order.
  9. Don't know how to read image.
  10. Input file name not set before trying to open file.
  11. Indispensible tags are missing.

Three of the viewers used in attempting to open the TIFF images were:

HiJaak Express
TIFF SDK (Black Ice)

Can you recommend any graphics software (preferably Win95) that can repair TIFF images or at least read in a bad one and re-save it as a good TIFF?

Thanks, for any suggestions,

Tony Johnson
Division Records Manager
Richmond Public Schools
Richmond, VA