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2000.03.26 20:01 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Howard Kaikow
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2000.03.26 20:01 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Howard Kaikow

I found the following in my dusty archives.

What is the status of TIFF 7?

At 10:07 AM 2/21/97 -0600, Bryan H. Maret wrote:
>At 01:17 PM 2/21/97 +0100, Ingela Johansson wrote:
>>When will version 7.0 of the TIFF specification be released?
>A draft of the TIFF 7.0 spec is under review within Adobe at this time. We
>will release it for public comment as soon as a couple of more details are
>worked out. The spec will include Tom Lane's JPEG TechNote, chroma
>subsampling for the CIELab colorspace, deflate compression, all of the
>PageMaker 6.0 TIFF Extensions (TIFF Trees, Clipping Paths, Indexed Images),
>embedded ICC profiles, and a number of clarifications and "bug fixes".
>Aside from some clarifications, the Baseline requirements will not change.
>The spec will most likely be made available via one of our web pages, and we
>will have an email address for direct responses. I will post the exact
>location as soon as it is available.
>-Bryan Maret
> Adobe Minnesota Engineering Operation