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1997.02.21 12:17 "TIFF 7.0", by Ingela Johansson
1997.02.21 16:07 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Bryan H. Maret
1997.02.21 17:06 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by David Babcock

1997.02.21 16:07 "Re: TIFF 7.0", by Bryan H. Maret

When will version 7.0 of the TIFF specification be released?

A draft of the TIFF 7.0 spec is under review within Adobe at this time. We will release it for public comment as soon as a couple of more details are worked out. The spec will include Tom Lane's JPEG TechNote, chroma subsampling for the CIELab colorspace, deflate compression, all of the PageMaker 6.0 TIFF Extensions (TIFF Trees, Clipping Paths, Indexed Images), embedded ICC profiles, and a number of clarifications and "bug fixes". Aside from some clarifications, the Baseline requirements will not change.

The spec will most likely be made available via one of our web pages, and we will have an email address for direct responses. I will post the exact location as soon as it is available.

-Bryan Maret
 Adobe Minnesota Engineering Operation