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1998.05.05 07:52 "RLE problems", by Tomáš Suk
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1998.05.05 07:52 "RLE problems", by Tomáš Suk

Dear sirs,

I use your tiff software, it is very useful and all works well, but I cannot read images with compression from CCITT group. It produces warnings as

Fax3DecodeRLE:c:test.tif:Line length mismatch at scanline 0 (got 167444480,
expected 12058624),
Fax3DecodeRLE:c:test.tif:Bad code word at scanline 5 (1572864),
Fax3DecodeRLE:c:test.tif:Premature EOL at scanline 5 (got 1572864,
expected 12058624),

approximately one warning per line and the image is then distorted. Writing of these files runs OK and they can be read by Paint Shop Pro.

Due to segment size exceeds 64 kbyte, I had to substitute static declaration of tables TIFFFaxMainTable, TIFFFaxWhiteTable and TIFFFaxBlackTable in 'fax3sm.c' file by dynamic one.

I use version 3.4 of your software and Windows95 on IBM PC and Borland C++ version 4.51.

Can you help me, please?

Yours sincerely

Tomas Suk