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2000.10.10 20:24 "tiff's orientation", by Sam Carleton
2000.10.10 21:11 "Re: tiff's orientation", by Helge Blischke
2000.10.11 09:02 "Re: tiff's orientation", by Martin Bailey

2000.10.11 09:02 "Re: tiff's orientation", by Martin Bailey

I have a simply question, what is the orientation of a tiff? Is (0,0) lower left or upper left? If it is not consistent, how do I determine the orientation?

Have a look into the TIVV V6 spec. There is a tag named "Orientation", and how

to interprete this is explained in detail there. This tag defaults to 1, and that means the origin is the upper left corner, the scanlines (rows) from left to right and the columns from top to bottom

But beware that many (most?) applications that read TIFF files ignore this tag and use the default.

We added support for it at one stage and it caused absolute havoc - place a TIFF in XPress, print, use in-RIP OPI to replace with high-res TIFF (FPO and high-res both with same Orientation)... oh dear, the image on the final output is upside down!

So now we default to ignoring it but there's a hack you can do to honour it.



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