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1998.05.15 15:00 "TIFF to PDF", by Bernhard Herzog
1998.05.15 15:03 "Re: TIFF to PDF", by Alberto Accomazzi
1998.05.20 17:49 "Re: TIFF to PDF", by Helge Blischke

1998.05.15 15:00 "TIFF to PDF", by Bernhard Herzog

Hi everyone!

I want to do direct conversion from TIFF to PDF using my own code. I thought I just needed to convert the raw tiff data into a stream of the new PDF (using the function TIFFReadRawStrip from the tifflib - like in the sample-program tiff2ps).

But I can't get it working. My program produces a stream which *begins* like the stream in a PDF generated with tiff2ps + distiller but has more and different bytes (the TIFFReadRawStrip returns exactly 1 strip which is longer than the stream in the PDF-File).

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