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1996.11.14 11:07 "Tiff G4 to PDF ?", by Dominique Schmit
1996.11.14 16:10 "Re: Tiff G4 to PDF ?", by Helge Blischke

1996.11.14 16:10 "Re: Tiff G4 to PDF ?", by Helge Blischke

I need to convert tiff images already in CCITT group 4 (or T6) compressed form to PDF (like Capture, without any OCR). ImageMagick's convert does the job, but decompress and does not recompress with group 4 compression. libtiff's tiff2ps produces PostScript Level 2 output (and so uses group 4 encoding if applicable), but not directly PDF.

Has anyone already a solution to my problem (with source code, as I need to integrate the process in one of our application)? I think tiff2ps is a good place to start, but before coding I sure prefer benefiting from others' experience.

As far as I know, Ghostscript 4.0.x is able to write PDF, but I have not been able to test this (I'd have to clone myself to do all I want).

Hope this hint may help you.

Helge Blischke