TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

2000.05.31 03:27 "TIFF close bug -- "the Emperor"", by William van Kampen

Hi Sam Leffler (or other TIFF guru),

I recently received and installed tiff v3.4 on my Win 95 PC system. I could contribute a makefile and some documentation for other "dos-weenies" like myself. Please let me know if that is still needed.

I am observing the following odd-behaviour using the routines TIFFOpen TIFFClose: it seems that files opened for reading are not being properly closed. This is exemplified in the attached simple c program, which opens a tif file for reading, calls TIFFClose, and then attempts to open the same file for writing, and fails (due to the file remaining open).

I would be interested if anyone else has noticed this behavior, or if it is been addressed perhaps in a newer version. Thanks very much.

William van Kampen
Textron Systems Maui