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2001.06.03 16:10 "Tiff error", by
2001.06.03 16:16 "Tiff error", by

2001.06.03 16:10 "Tiff error", by

I use the tiff library v3.5.5 and included it in to the Windows Plotfile Manager32 v.4.4

It is a HP-GL/2 viewer and converter.

When I try to load the attached file 631184A4.tif, for example with MFCDemo.exe, I get the error message:

  TIFF Read error
  Memory allocation error

Is there any help or bug fix available?

Best regards
Frank Torzinski

Torro-Softworks GmbH
Stendaler Str. 28
12627 Berlin

Tel: 030 9909365
Fax: 030 99402064

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