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1993.08.10 06:24 "TIFF2FAX", by Kevin Clark
1993.08.10 16:00 "Re: TIFF2FAX", by Sam Leffler
1993.08.10 22:37 "Re: TIFF2FAX", by Kevin Clark

1993.08.10 06:24 "TIFF2FAX", by Kevin Clark

I am looking for some code that will take a set of tiff images and convert them into one large tiff file suitable for faxing.

I am at the moment using fax2ps piped to gs, and this work well. It is however slow and involves a lot of unneccessary conversion and CPU time.

I have had a look at tiffcp and fax2tiff, but find that fax2tiff does not like my tiff images, which is odd since fax2ps does. %-(

Tiffcp seems to work, but the result is not liked by flexfax. Maybe I am just using the wrong options but it complains that it is not a bilevel image.

Any help/code would be greatly appreciated.


PS: It would be nice if the list of tiff images passed could be of different encoding styles (eg Group 4/3/2).

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