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1993.12.15 14:07 "", by Stefan Weiss
1993.12.15 18:17 "", by Kevin O Grover

1993.12.15 14:07 "", by Stefan Weiss

Stefan Weiss
X-System GmbH
Bavariastr. 7a
80336 Muenchen

To anybody who knows something about tiff

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

this mail address has been forwarded to me by a default message from Sam Leffler, saying that here I can get informations about tiff. The question is: I have been informed that tiff and g3 are actually rather similar outputs; what is the best way to transform one of them into the other; I am also looking for a fast way to transform g3 or tiff into Postscript; I tried using pbmtools but unfortunately the do finish as soon as a page is longer than a certain lenght; it is also possible that this was just an error in the way the G3-Files were constructed: Two G3-Files have been linked by removing the EOP-MARKER on the first page.

I would be really pleased if you could give me any informations about this

Please mail me anything about this to

Stefan Weiss