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1994.02.21 17:45 "v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Empress test
1994.02.21 07:23 "Re: v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Karsten Spang
1994.02.21 13:59 "Re: v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Scott Wagner
1994.02.21 20:42 "Re: tiff 3.3 on SUN 4.1.3 using", by Dan Seyb

1994.02.21 07:23 "Re: v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Karsten Spang

I tried to build tiff 3.3 on SUN 4.1.3 using KR C compiler, but fails because of ANSI notation, so does C++. I do not have Ansi C on SUNOS, but only under SOLARIS 2.x which does not help. Can anybody tell me what to do to get around this problem with KR C.

Get GNU C (or buy Sun's ANSI C compiler).

I also built TIFF lib on NT with VISUAL C++/C. the install went fine - I included some updates posted earlier to this News group. However during testing the basic read/write operations, the results are incorrect when tested against a port on SGI or SUN.

You don't get the same TIFF files, when you write them on an Intel platform, as you do on the Sun. On the Intel you get little endian TIFF files, on the Sun you get big endian TIFF files. The question is: "Can you, on the Sun, read the files written under NT, and vica versa?".


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