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2003.02.28 20:11 "Photoshop tiff limits", by Richard Eckles
2003.02.28 20:58 "Re: Photoshop tiff limits", by Chris Cox
2003.02.28 21:14 "RE: Photoshop tiff limits", by James Belshan

2003.02.28 20:11 "Photoshop tiff limits", by Richard Eckles

Hello Group,

I have a question which I hope someone can shed some light on. I work with very large image files in the mapping industry. It is not uncommon for me to generate tiff images in the range of 2 Gigs filesize. We have found that Photoshop will only open a tiff that is at or under a resolution of 30000 x 30000 pixels. And in the context of 24 bit imagery, there seems to be a limit of about 2GB on the filesize for opening successfully. Why is that exactly? Is there a technical reason for the resolution and/or filesize limits? Our proprietary software for generation of imagery works just fine with these. But I do need to do a little touchup and balancing on my output files. I have learned to not exceed the Photoshop limits to accommodate this, but would be interested in any work-around available. Hardware required and time involved is not an issue with me. Any suggestions?


Richard Eckles