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They definitely don't do this right. The TIFF orientation is for the image as a whole. It is NOT strip or tile specific. If it was, then this concept would also apply to multi-strip images (!) and we would need strip/tile specific processing.

"JPEG assumes a top-left origin and so any TIFF viewer will flip each tile"

This is not correct thinking. This statement applies to a JFIF image as a whole. We must not apply this thinking on partial ("raw") JPEG data.

Note that the statement also implies that the image is always stored consequtivelty from row 0 to row N. This part of the statement is true and is also quite relevant for strip/tile storage! Unfortunately, their implementation does not follow this. They have implemented an ordering where the rows no longer appear consequtivelty (4321|8765|...). The row and column order ordering for strips and tiles should always be (1234|5678|...) or (...|8765|4321).

Think of it like this: The TIFF data stream defines a two dimensional image [0..X, 0..Y]. The TIFF orientation only tells where the origin [0,0] is placed! That's all it does. It should not cause any inter-strip or inter- tile changes.

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Peter Nielsen

    Here is their answer. Any comments?

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>Hi Antonio,

>In the tsmApi, we use a left->right, bottom->top ordering of pixels

>>which is common in geospatial applications, i.e. the origin is in the >>bottom-left corner not the top-left corner. We correctly set the TIFF

>>flags that specify this so any reader that supports TIFF fully will be >>able to view the raw (uncompressed) tiled files and flip them

>>correctly. However, an issue does arise when using JPEG compression for >>the data in each tile. JPEG assumes a top-left origin and so any TIFF

>>viewer will flip each tile. Because we use TIFF as a storage format for >>our own terrain data, this is not a big concern for us and the data is

>>read back correctly by the tsmApi library anyway (and ultimately by our >>TerraVision terrain visualization system).

>On Mon, 13 May 2002, Antonio E. Scuri wrote:
> > Martin,
> >
> > I noticed that you use the LibTIFF for reading the TIFF images.
> >
> > I don't know if you guys are aware of a discussion going on in

>> > the

> > LibTIFF news about the image tiles used by the tsmAPI. In
> > Check for the "Orientation and Tiled

> > or go direct to: images?" thread
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > The images seem to have the tiles in a reversed order.
> >
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