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2002.06.03 15:29 "JPEG in TIFF", by Florin Suciu
2002.06.08 21:28 "Re: JPEG in TIFF", by Tom Lane

2002.06.03 15:29 "JPEG in TIFF", by Florin Suciu


I ‘m dealing with new JPEG in TIF images. I have implemented the JPEG support for TIF, but the resulted image is one that has different colors in comparison with the original image.

I guess that the mistake is correlated with TIF image because I have created a JPEG image from JPEG information extracted from TIF image and the resulted image is the same as the original image. The original image can be found at and it was created using IrfanView.

And the resulted image, which is embedded into a Macromedia SWF, is at at

Do you know something about that?

Thank you,