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1994.04.07 18:10 "FAQ and sample code", by Claus S. Kristensen

Hello tiff'ers

I have just signed on to the mailing list.

I think a very good idea would be to have a FAQ around somewhere. I have retrieved the old mails to find what I wanted (a port to Win 3.1) and found that the same questions were asked over and over (among the real stuff, of course).

Anyway, I found (the) two ports, the wintiff.dll and the port made by Soren Pingel (libtiffw). Now, not being much of a sophisticated programmer, I wondered if somebody has some sample code to view tiff images in MS Windows 3.1. If so, I would very much appreciate a pointer to such source code.

Thanks in advance.

Claus Kristensen

(PS. I have only Borland C++ 3.1)

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