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2005.01.20 07:19 "[Tiff] 8 bits per sample", by Frans Dames
2005.01.21 21:13 "Re: [Tiff] 8 bits per sample", by Frank Warmerdam

2005.01.21 21:13 "Re: [Tiff] 8 bits per sample", by Frank Warmerdam

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 09:19:59 +0200, Frans Dames <> wrote:

I am extracting tif data 8 bits/sample colour pixels.

It seems that each pixel contains 8bits of colour information.

If I open the tif in Paintshop Pro I can see that it consist of a 256 colour


How do n convert this to a 24 bit RGB value for display?


You can use the tiff2rgba command line utiilty which actually writes a 32bit (Red, green, blue, alpha) TIFF file. Use the -n flag if you don't want it emitting alpha values.

Programmatically you an use the TIFFReadRGBAImage() function.


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