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2022.07.03 15:39 "[Tiff] New repository: libtiff-pics for sample TIFF images", by Roger Leigh

Hi folks,

Following the import of some of the older history of source releases into the libtiff source repository, I've now repeated the same for the "pics" releases of sample TIFF images. is the new repository. Is this name OK? is the first MR to update the README. If anyone has any opinions about the image licensing requirements in the last paragraph, I'd be interested in feedback. It would be useful to have contribution of new images using new compression algorithms and tags etc., and so it would be useful to have some agreement on what we can accept and redistribute. I've just put some placeholder text in there regarding CC licences, but if anyone has any better suggestions for wording, I'd be interested to hear.

The repository is using "Git LFS" for storing the image data. This should make the repository a bit more lightweight when cloning since it will fetch only the image data required for the current checkout, so it should scale better as we add more image data.

With the images in version control, we can also look at using them in the LibTIFF CI for integration testing.

Kind regards,