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2005.01.21 22:47 "[Tiff] removing tiff header tags", by Antoine
2005.01.22 05:40 "Re: [Tiff] removing tiff header tags", by Frank Warmerdam

2005.01.21 22:47 "[Tiff] removing tiff header tags", by Antoine

In spite of really not knowing what on earth I am doing, I have managed
to do what I think will be enough for our needs. It is *horrible*! Even
though I know nothing about c style, I can tell you even a monkey would
bork at it...
I worked on the assumption that in tiffcp, in the function tiffcp,
everything that wasn't in the loop:
for (p = tags; p < &tags[NTAGS]; p++)

CopyTag(p->tag, p->count, p->type); would be sorely missed, so not to bother with it. From what I can remember there was nothing not in the spec we need to follow anyway. So I put a commandline option (-d tagToDelete), and if it is passed then just before getting to the tiffcp function I take control to my function, which I pass the value (number?) of the tag to (as well as in and out). I then do everything else that tiffcp does except change the loop to:

for (p = tags; p < &tags[NTAGS]; p++){
                if (tagToDelete != p->tag)
                        CopyTag(p->tag, p->count, p->type);

And what do ya know? It works! I won't bother posting it anywhere, cos
it would be far less work for a competent c programmer to write from
scratch than to clean up what I did.

I do have one question though - is my assumption correct that I
shouldn't be messing with the tags that come before the loop (see how
well I know the format ;-)?)? If not, which ones could I reasonably test
and omit?