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1994.06.29 10:17 "tiff "Bugs and such" v3.3beta002", by Lars Farm
1994.06.29 11:04 "Re: tiff "Bugs and such" v3.3beta002", by Karsten Spang

1994.06.29 11:04 "Re: tiff "Bugs and such" v3.3beta002", by Karsten Spang

First, may I ask about faxcompression?

I noticed that for the (Mac)-MPW port fax compression was excluded. This is because of the very large state tables in g3states.h. Using Metrowerks Codewarrior on Macintosh I had no problem compiling, but I get some 140000 bytes of global data in tif_fax3.c. I think this is rather a bit on the much side. Is there a leaner "tif_fax3.c" or a leaner way to do fax (de-)compression? sources available?

libtiff v2 had a less memory consuming (but slower, you don't get anything for free:-) fax decompression. It did not have any support for G4 either. It may be possible to cut out the bit fiddling (i.e. Huffman decoding) of the v2 tif_fax3.c, and then substitute it into the v3 one. I believe that I still have a copy of the files around somewhere, in case someone wants to try this.


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