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1993.08.21 05:06 "Bug in tiffsplit", by Bernard Gardner
1993.08.22 17:40 "Re: Bug in tiffsplit", by Sam Leffler

1993.08.22 17:40 "Re: Bug in tiffsplit", by Sam Leffler

I have found a problem in tiffsplit.

I have a set if tiff files which each contain three images: A 24-bit rgb preview of a stereo picture, suitable for viewing through stereo Red/Green glasses, and the full size 8-bit grey scale left and right views of the object

When I use tiffsplit to split these images, the preview image is reduced to grey scale. This seems to be because tiffsplit uses TIFFNumberOfStrips to determine the number of strips to copy for the image, but TIFFNumberOfStrips is only returning the number of strips in the first plane. The greyscale images seem fine.

What do you folk suggest as a fix? Is it the library or the program, or is there something funny about the format of my images?

The bug is in TIFFNumberOfStrips; it's not multiplying by the number of samples when the PlanarConfiguration is separate image planes. I'll fix it for 3.3beta.