TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

1994.06.26 21:08 "Have tools been converted to Mac THINK?", by Bob Carpenter

I'm new to this group.

I started getting acquainted with the TIFF software this past week. I've read through the mail archives, printed off the docs and TIFF 6 spec, and brought libtiff 3.3 over to my Mac and got it working under THINK 7.0.3. This was all fairly simple, thanks to the excellent docs and software organization.

I'm wondering about the tools though (gif2tiff, tiff2bw...), has anyone converted these to work under THINK on the Mac? Since I don't have MPW, my alternative is to upload files to my Unix machine (via modem) when I want to run a utility - I can see this becoming time consuming. If no one else has done this then I may attempt it.

Also, can someone point me towards some sample code that shows how I might display TIFF images from within my Mac application? I suspect an off-screen GWorld is in order. Maybe the NIH Image software has some code!?

BTW: I have converted all the docs in man1 and man3 to postscript and can make them available in Unix .tar.Z or Mac .sea formats to anyone that needs them.