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2009.03.31 14:25 "[Tiff] Problem with Libtiff 3.8.2", by Tony Dart
2009.03.31 15:01 "Re: [Tiff] Problem with Libtiff 3.8.2", by Edward Lam
2009.03.31 18:16 "Re: [Tiff] Building libtiff with Mingw32", by Richard Nolde

2009.03.31 14:25 "[Tiff] Problem with Libtiff 3.8.2", by Tony Dart


I am trying to write a tiff reading program under Windows. I downloaded GnuWin32 LibTiff and tools and checked that the exe files worked. I copied the headers from the include directory to the include directory of the compiler (MinGW 3.4.5), the lib files to C:\mingw\lib, and the .dlls to C:\mingw\bin.

However, if I try to include tiffio.h I get a compiler error of "no such file or directory". If I include the full path to the file it finds it eg

#include <stdio.h>
#include <C:\mingw\include\tiffio.h> // works
#include <tiffio.h> // doesn't work

I then get loads of undefined referencrs which normally are solved by a link to therelevant library in the compilation command line eg

g++ test.cpp -o test.exe -L/C:/mingw/lib/libtiff.lib

but no joy this time.

Any thoughts on how to get this working would be deeply appreciated.


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