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1994.06.16 20:17 "RGB to TIFF", by Mitesh Mehta
1994.06.16 23:08 "Re: RGB to TIFF", by Dan McCoy

1994.06.16 20:17 "RGB to TIFF", by Mitesh Mehta


I am kinda new to this thing and use it very sparingly. So pl. forgive me if I am asking the obvious. I have used TIFFReadRGBAImage and the TIFFGetR/G/B routines to read a tiff file into a RGBA format. Now after the processing is done I need to restore it to the original TIFF form from the RGBA format. I could not find any obvious routine to do this.

Maybe I am missing it. Could somebody help me please. A pointer to the answer will suffice. Thanx,



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