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1994.02.12 15:48 "TIFFGetField bug?", by
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1994.02.15 20:59 "Re: TIFFGetField bug", by Dan McCoy

1994.02.12 15:48 "TIFFGetField bug?", by

I'm trying to extract tag values (STRIPOFFSETS, IMAGELENGTH, ROWSPERSTRIP, STRIPBYTECOUNTS) using the TIFFGetField command. Of the three tiff files I've tried to extract the values from, ROWSPERSTRIP has returned the wrong value on all three images and STRIPBYTECOUNTS has been wrong on two.

I can look at a hex dump of the tiff files and can see what the values should be. As a double check, running tiffinfo(which uses TIFFGetField) on the images produces bad results, but running tiffdump (which does not use getfield) produces correct results.

Is this a known bug? If not, what am I doing wrong? If so, is there a fix? Help is greatly appreciated.

I am running version 3.30beta on a SPARCStation 10 with Solaris 2.3.