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2002.06.25 16:18 "RE: Batch Printing programs.", by Luc Van Asch

Hi Kevin,

We have the same kind of problem that you have. We produce hardcopy outputs from several thousands of scanned arial photo's in TIFF format.

We use image alchemy from handmade software to convert the TIFF files to postscript format. (this is done using a dos batch script). See: ( (Image Alchemy PS for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP costs $395.00)

The postscript files are then sent directly to a postscript printer (in our case a TEKTRONIX phaser 780 - but any PS printer will do - also the imagerunner 105).

To execute the printing, bypassing any WINDOWS printerdriver, we use a freeware MS Windows utility program called "printfile".


We are very pleased with this solution. It is very stable and once you've done the TIFF-PS convertion, the printing process works unattended. Simply drag and drop a bunch of postscript files onto the "printfile" icon and your printer will do the rest.

Hope this helps,


Luc Van Asch
OC GIS Vlaanderen
Tel: 02/5437305
Fax: 02/5437395

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Verzonden: dinsdag 25 juni 2002 17:18

Onderwerp: Batch Printing programs.

I am looking for any Batch printing programs for Tiff printing. I have tremendous needs to print out 1,000,000 pages burned onto CD roms in Group IV tiff.. I am looking for simple programs that will allow us to Drag and drop batches of 500 or so images. So that large groups will always be printing to an imagerunner 105 printer produced by Cannon.

Or a programmer who can create a program to do this for us at a reasonable cost.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome,

Kevin Paulson
CliCKS Imaging