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1993.09.07 21:23 "JPEG in TIFF", by Dan Lipofsky
1993.09.07 23:21 "Re: JPEG in TIFF", by Sam Leffler

1993.09.07 21:23 "JPEG in TIFF", by Dan Lipofsky

I hope I am not annoying people by asking FAQs. If I am, just point me to a FAQ guide. Thanks.

I want to do JPEG compression inside a TIFF file. I see there are tags for doing so, but I am unclear how to proceed beyond this. Sam Leffler's nifty TIFF library doesn't appear to have code to do this, at least in the version I picked up a few months ago. Is there code out there to do this, preferably that fits with the library?

Also, do any TIFF readers currently read JPEG? XV doesn't seem to. I would like other people to be able to read the files I produce.

Has anyone here done JPEG using JFIF? This seems to be the more popular way to do JPEG, but it appears to be a fairly stripped format. I would like to be able to include in the header my own information (like ASCII strings to describe the image) but I have no clue if this is possible or not.

Thank you for your help.