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1994.06.20 19:07 "PageNumber tag support for tiffcp?", by Bill Burton


libtiff V3.3beta002

Has anyone done a patch to to tiffcp.c such that when multiple TIFF files are copied to one file, the fax PageNumber tag will be generated in each TIFF header of the output file as supported in the TIFF/F spec?

If not, does anyone have any ideas on how best to implement this?

It would seem that tiffcp should support a -pagenumber option which would cause this tag to be generated if desired.

I'm attempting to convert TIFF files into the VSI*FAX 2.0 .fax format with the VSI*FAX tifftofax program. It seems their tifftofax program doesn't convert a multipage TIFF file correctly without the PageNumber tags in the TIFF header for each page of the TIFF file.

Bill Burton @ Progress Software Corporation MIS, Bedford, Mass.