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1994.07.21 14:10 "Making the TIFF library run on ALPHA machines....", by Dave Wecker

I made a pretty simple patch. I changed all references from:

    long, u_long, unsigned long



and then added:

    #ifndef LONG
    #ifdef __alpha
    typedef int LONG;
    typedef unsigned int ULONG;
    typedef long LONG;
    typedef unsigned long ULONG;

to "tiffcomp.h" and "tiff.h". You also need to warn applications to define their calling variables as type "LONG" instead of "long" (or else zero them out before hand), otherwise the high bits could be any random value. For example in:


`width' can NOT be type `long' (unless you zero it out first).

This is only a temporary patch, but at least it allowed the library to work so I thought you might be interested.

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