TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive

1993.09.12 14:36 "libtiff 3.3 beta 2 on MSDOS", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard


I have downloaded libtiff 3.3 beta 2 and I got it up and running on my PC running MSDOS 6.0. I used Microsoft C/C++ 7.0. I did discover a bug in the 'tif_msdos.c' file. It doesn't #include <io.h> and #include <stdio.h>. The result was that the compiler assumed functions like lseek returned an int instead of a long.

BTW: I compiled Large model, Maximum optimization (/Oxaz) and used the -DBSDTYPES to ensure definitions of u_long, u_char e.t.c.

/Soren <>