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1994.10.21 11:05 "strtoul", by Harry Schreurs
1994.10.21 19:03 "Re: strtoul", by Sam Leffler
1994.10.21 14:38 "Re: strtoul", by Niles Ritter

1994.10.21 19:03 "Re: strtoul", by Sam Leffler

Starting with 3.3beta21 the `strtoul' library call is being used. My host however doesn't have support for this call.

    Host:       Sun 3/50; SUNOS 4.1.1_U1
    Compiler:   gcc 2.6.0

Is my host becoming obsolete?

It's ANSI C; you can decide whether or not your machine is outdated :-)

Starting with version 3.3beta15 `tiffcp' behaves differently from previous versions!

I used to use `tiffcp' to convert multiple strip TIFF files into single strip TIFF files. For this to work I used:

        tiffcp src1.. srcN dst

This worked like a charm. But this doesn't work anymore. :-(

What happens now?

I now have to use:

        tiffcp -rowsperstrip <large number> src1.. srcN dst

where <large number> is equal to the Image Length.

In the source code I couldn't detect any significant change. What's going on?

All that I can think of is that I fixed a bug where tiffcp wasn't recognizing when rows/strip wasn't set on the command line. The intended behaviour is that when rows/strip is not set on the command line, then tiffcp will set it up so that each row is ~8Kbytes. If you want something else then you've gotta specify the command line option. I believe this is in the manual page.