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2008.02.12 13:21 "[Tiff], 3.9.0 status", by Jay Berkenbilt
2008.02.12 13:58 "Re: [Tiff], 3.9.0 status", by Frank Warmerdam

2008.02.12 13:58 "Re: [Tiff], 3.9.0 status", by Frank Warmerdam

Sorry if this has already been discussed....I've only been scanning headers recently. At this moment, I am not able to get to anymore -- it seems to no longer exist. Where is the libtiff bugzilla database?


I'm afraid the bugzilla machine is down, perhaps indefinately. I haven't talked to Mark Lucas (who hosted it) about possible data recovery options yet.

The reason I was checking was that there are a few bugs I posted right as 3.9.0 beta was released, and I wanted to check their status. Is there any progress toward a 3.9.0 release? Is such a release still expected? There are a couple of bugs in the debian tiff bug database that I had forwarded and hoped would be addressed prior to the 3.9.0 release.

I do anticipate there will be a 3.9.0 final release, yes.

I know it's beating a dead horse, but is there anything that could be done to get back?

That is a dead horse. Please leave it's rotted corpse in peace!

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