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2007.06.29 18:41 "[Tiff] Obsolete Web Site", by Kevin Myers
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2007.06.29 18:41 "[Tiff] Obsolete Web Site", by Kevin Myers

Dear libtiff maintainers,

What I am about to say may be old news to most of you on this list, so apologies if this topic has already been discussed.

Are you aware that there is an obsolete libtiff web site located at

Since that web site has all the appearances of an "official" web site, it can be confusing to someone like me who only deals with libtiff infrequently. But that web site hasn't been updated since libtiff 3.6.1, so if you download from there you get an obsolete version, and it makes it look like libtiff isn't actively being maintained.

Shouldn't that web site either be deleted, or changed to re-direct visitors to the new web site? When I first viewed it, I thought that the site at was merely a mirror, and didn't realize until later that there were very significant differences.

Kevin M.